What are the startup costs and what do they include?

Currently, the range of investment is from $40,931 to $52,310 which includes the $15,000 initial franchise fee and all training, onboarding, launch expenses, 3rd party professional advisory fees, and insurance plus 3 months of working capital. INVESTMENT TABLE

How big does my office need to be?

You may operate from a home office. If you choose to open a leased office, we will help you with recommendations for office space that will serve yorCMO business’ needs. APPLY NOW

How long does it take to start up the yorCMO business?

Typically, franchise owners will launch within 4 to 6 weeks after signing the franchise Agreement. Since there is no need to find an office, there are just a few key tasks required prior to attending training. INQUIRE TODAY

Do I have to be a prior marketing executive or have been a CMO?

Yes and no. Most of our owners will have 7 to 10 years of marketing leadership and c-suite marketing expertise. Our owners will serve as the CMO or Marketing Director for their clients. You will consult with your clients on their marketing strategies, oversee tactical efforts and hold the client’s marketing staff accountable for execution of plans. Your focus is the client relationship, new business development and helping your clients’ businesses grow.  LEARN MORE


Do I have to be an owner operator?

Yes, our owners need to be involved in day-to-day marketing and business management. LEARN MORE

How many people should be on my team – how many employees do I need?

Our franchise owners do not need any employees to get started. Many of our CMOs will be solo practice owners and operate with yorCMO Marketing Coordinator’s support provided as part of your franchise. If you choose to develop the firm model, you may hire and develop associate level CMOs to serve additional clients. LEARN MORE

What are typical annual revenues for a yorCMO owner?

We will be able to share with you our Financial Performance Representation, called an Item 19 in our Franchise Disclosure Document which highlights affiliate performance and history. This can be a useful tool to help you evaluate the revenue potential for your yorCMO.  INQUIRE TODAY

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